TECNOLEV® designs, manufactures and develops technological solutions for processing surfaces, applying a complete technological cycle from formulating of composite materials to final machine processes.



Consolidated know-how, experience and three decades of business in this specific sector combine with great flexibility and a staff of skilled technicians and workers: constitute the strengths of Tecnolev which in constant technological evolution, attentive to market demands.

It produces particular executions and articles studied and tested in partnership with customers. Technical articles are specific to the industrial and the handcrafting sectors of woodworking, interior furnishings, textiles, metal, terracotta

Ongoing in-house technological research means Tecnolev can anticipate market demands, offering innovative proposals and solutions with its own certified quality products. In the last decade, Tecnolev has created 4 well-known brands:

Profilev - Fix-Mec - Tecno-flex - MultiBrushes.

Luciano Bedoni

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